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It's About Time

Bea and Maximilian, he prefers Max, the protagonists of Resonance, were recently interviewed on a popular podcast. I thought you would enjoy reading the first part of the transcript of the interview.

Host: Today, I’m joined by Max and Bea Schiller. Max and Bea, the main characters in the recently released book, Resonance. Welcome, thanks for being here.

Max: Thanks for having us.

Bea: Yes, thanks.

Host: Let’s jump right in. Many writers have mentioned that there wasn’t something cataclysmic happening in Resonance that would cause you two some strife in your relationship. How do you feel about that?

Max: Well, from my perspective, every relationship before Bea spiraled into miserable failure. It really hurt me. I was getting close to giving up. I was determined if I ever found the right woman, I wasn’t going to rock the boat.

Host: So are you saying, Max, even if Bea was being unreasonable, you would gloss over it and let it go?

Max: Oh, no!

Bea: Oh, really?

They both laugh.

Host: Oh no, Max?

Max: What I mean is... He glances at Bea. She’s smiling at him, waiting for him to dig his way out of that one ... if your relationship is strong and you love each other, you put a lot of effort in to work things out and solve whatever the issue is. I mean we’re all human. We’ve all got our moments, but it’s how you deal with those moments.

Bea: I agree with Max. Before him, I thought I would never find anyone either. You suffer. I thought a lot about all those years ahead that were going to be full of heartache. Now, I’m not saying a woman needs a man to have a fulfilling life, but I really wanted to share my life with a good man who would be my partner in everything. If I ever was lucky enough to find the right guy, I was going to make every effort to keep that relationship successful too. I think time itself was the issue causing the strife, when you come right down to it. Max is perfect anyway. A good relationship is easy with him. She reaches for and holds his hand.

Max: Laughs. I don’t know about the perfect part, Bea.

Host: Well, Max, you think Bea is perfect, don’t you?

Max: Oh, absolutely. He’s got a big smile on his face and looks at Bea. Is that the right answer, honey?

Lots of laughter.

Host: It seems to me you both have a handle on how to maintain a blossoming relationship... You met under very unusual circumstances too, I understand. There was some manipulation of time?

Bea: Yes, and to this day, I can’t explain it.

Max: When Bea told me the whole story, I couldn’t believe it. I don’t have a sense at all that anything out of the ordinary happened, aside from meeting this wonderful lady.

Host: Aww, that’s so nice. Bea, you learned you and Max are soul mates?

Bea: Yes. It was the day after I bought the Resonance album. There was something about Maximilian, the lead singer... I searched for him on the Internet. The more I found out about him, the more I wanted, actually, I needed to know. When I entered our birthdays into my favorite astrology site, the report said we were soul mates. I was shocked. It was after that when strange things started happening to me.

Host: Well, we don’t want to go into too much detail now. We don’t want to spoil it for those who haven’t read Resonance yet. So, Max, why don’t we talk a little about your music? I hear Resonance is heading out on tour again soon.

Max: Yes, we are. I’ve always stayed in touch with the guys. We all would get together from time to time and jam. Bea and I would have them all over to dinner, and they always brought their instruments, except for the drums and keyboards. I’ve got a pretty good set of drums and keyboards at our house. I’ve even got some bass guitars hanging around.

Host: You usually play rhythm guitar with the group, right?

Max: That’s right, but I manage okay on the bass, keyboards, and drums too. Nothing spectacular though. He laughs.

Bea: He’s too modest. Max plays all those instruments extremely well.

Max: He’s blushing and chuckles a little. Bea’s my biggest fan.

Host: I see that.

Max: Anyway, this last time we all got together, Jeff, our drummer, said he was missing playing on the road. It’s been some years, for sure, but we were all missing it. We talked it over and decided to get back out there for awhile.


Read about the upcoming Resonance tour, and what Bea and Max had to say about it plus more, next week.

Happy Writing!

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