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Never in my lifetime did I imagine young women having fewer human rights than I did when I was their age. Women had the right to oversee their bodies since 1973 until the Supreme Court handed the issue of abortion over to the states in 2022. Shame on them for abandoning women!

Now Republican lawmakers in many states have all but eliminated the right to abortion for women. They are forcing women, under prison penalty, to carry unwanted children to term. In some states, even medical care for the treatment of miscarriages or allowing a grieving mother a release from a dead fetus inside of her or a child who will die within hours of birth to be vacated from her womb is denied. Why? For votes, that’s why, and maybe to keep women in their places. Misogyny is still alive and well. For those who don’t know what misogyny is, it’s the hatred of, aversion to, or prejudice against women, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

If the preciousness of life is indeed the issue, why won't the Republicans even consider commonsense gun laws? Let's reflect on some of the mass shootings that have robbed us of our children and caring adults: Westside Middle School 1998, 3 died; Columbine High School 1999, 12 died; Amish School Shooting, 2006, 6 died; Sandy Hook 2012, 20 died; Marysville Pilchuck High School 2014, 6 died; Santa Fe High School 2018, 10 died; Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High School 2018, 17 died; Robb Elementary 2022, 19 children died. There are still more mass shootings in schools and on college campuses, information that I haven't included here. Where is the concern for the preciousness of life?

If there is so much concern for the unborn, why are there no efficient gun laws filtering out the unfit for gun ownership and mandating training in handling guns? So many children on the cusp of productive lives have died because no Second Amendment adults are in the room.

The "right to lifers" are not concerned about what happens to those unwanted children born because of abortion restrictions. It’s, “You’re born, YAY, goodbye.” Many of those children suffer. Some of those “parents” are not equipped with the skills to raise a child successfully or have access to proper healthcare and education for those children. Many of those children suffer psychologically and physically. Where are the defenders of these children born through no fault of their own? Nowhere to be found.

Suppose the federal government mandated that all children born because of abortion restrictions were to be adopted by “right to lifers.” Would everyone who demands all children be born list themselves as available parents? I doubt it.

Children are miracles. But, if we allow them to be born into circumstances that ultimately harm them, shame on us.


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