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Don’t Give Your Loved Ones COVID for the Holidays

Crowds at the airports before Thanksgiving are worrisome. Despite the Centers for Disease Control’s warning of don’t travel, people are going home to family and friends to have that traditional get-together.

Taking one test for the coronavirus and testing negative gives a false sense of security of being virus-free. Unfortunately, one negative test isn’t a guarantee. The virus may be already infecting you and just hasn’t replicated in your body to levels that can be detected by the test.

Reasons holiday travelers are giving for their trips include missing and wanting to see their families and are OK with their own health risks. They seem not to be thinking of the loved ones they’re going to visit. It’s possible to be asymptomatic and unknowingly infect those dear ones. It’s true most of us recover from COVID-19 without any lasting effects, but many end up in the hospital or worse.

I can’t fathom after all this time; some are still saying the pandemic is a hoax or don’t believe how deadly it can be, refusing to wear face-masks. The United States is grieving the loss of almost 261,000 of us because of this illness.

The major holidays are here or just around the corner. Please stay home with those in your household this year. Hopefully, by the holidays of 2021, we can happily and safely celebrate with our relatives and friends again.

Technology has made it possible for virtual family celebrations. For instance, Zoom is lifting the usual 40 minute limit for meetings from 12 a.m. Thanksgiving morning until 6 a.m. Eastern Time, Friday, 11/27. You can still see and talk to the people who mean the most to you.

I wish you and all the people you hold closest to your heart a wonderful and healthy Thanksgiving.

Happy Writing!


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