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Gee, 2023!

Well, well, well. It’s 2023. Though the number of the year has advanced, it doesn’t seem like much else has—different year but the same old stuff across the country and the world.

Here in the U.S., politicians change their moral views to whatever scenario they believe will get them where they want to be in their political desires, i.e., staying in or gaining office. They will kiss up to or smite whoever to give them the votes of a populace. Never mind protecting our Constitution and defending our country.

A newly-elected Congressperson just lied all over his resume and still expects to serve in Congress. Most members of his political party are pretty silent about it. In the real world, if an employer discovered their new employee fabricated all the critical information on their resume, the boss would show that new employee the door post haste. Hello, Congress.

Gun violence continues. People died at New Year’s parties. A machete-wielding attacker ambushed New York City Police officers outside Times Square on New Year’s Eve for his “religion.”

Women have lost rights here and in the world—control over their bodies in many U. S. states, thanks Supreme Court, and advanced education and choice of dress in other countries.

Senseless war is raging, and authoritarian leaders are sabre rattling.

Scientists say we’re running full tilt into a mass extinction event of other species because humans are in it for themselves. We’re destroying the only planet we can live on without extraordinary means.

That’s the tip of the iceberg. Talk about sawing off the tree limb you’re sitting on. Not too bright.

So, it’s January 2, 2023. We’ve got a year, give or take, to make improvements. Let’s keep hope alive and believe we will improve things. Otherwise, it’s not looking too good for us humans.

Happy Writing and Happy New Year!


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