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Share Some Joy for the Holidays

2020 is a year the majority of us are not going to miss. It’s been very challenging for some families to keep food in their pantries and pay bills. They are near or at the end of their ropes, and it’s the holiday season.

When most of us who celebrate Christmas were children, we’d set out carrots for Santa’s reindeer and milk and cookies for him. We were thrilled looking at the Christmas tree sparkly with ornaments, tinsel, and twinkling lights gracing each branch. Who could hold back their excitement, wondering what presents would greet us under the tree on Christmas morning? These memories still make us smile when we look back. Today’s children should have times like this to warm their hearts when they’re grown.

Fortunately, some of us can work from home or still work at our jobs in person. This pandemic hasn’t affected our ability to pay our bills on time and stock the fridge when it gets low. We can make this season happy, especially for kids.

Donate to your local food banks. Help keep food on the tables of those who have been hit hard by this pandemic. If you don’t know what food banks are in your area, go to Feeding to find them. Feeding America also assists food banks across the USA and accepts donations.

For that something under the tree, there’s Marine Toys for Tots Find your local drive to help. You can also donate to the national organization.

The Salvation Army Rescue Christmas helps to put presents under the tree too. You can locate your local Walmart Angel Tree and be one of Santa’s helpers to make a child’s Christmas a happy memory—the way it should be.

If you’re able, share the joy of this holiday season. Don't hesitate.

Remember, please wear your face masks in public, social distance, and protect one another.

Happy Hannukah to all my friends celebrating!

Happy Writing too!


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