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All I Don’t Want for Christmas Is COVID!!!

Well, I've tested positive for COVID. It all started with my husband seemingly having a cold and then running a low fever. Two tests later, and he’s COVID positive. I felt pretty much OK, but I tested because of my hubby, and well, the rest is history. We’re both vaccinated and boosted.

In the old days, he would just be nursing that cold, and I would care for him. Well, I guess I’m still caring for him because he has more symptoms than I do. I feel pretty much OK—just a little sniffly sneezy with a scratchy throat off and on.

It drives home that the vaccines work. Before that, he and I might have wound up in the hospital. Instead, thanks to medical science, we only need to stay home until we’re better. So it will be a Christmas together, which isn’t so bad.

Get your COVID vaccines and boosters. They work! They save lives.

Have a wonderful Hanukkah, Christmas, and holiday season. See you next year.

Happy Holidays and Writing!


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