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Where Did the Week Go?

Oh my goodness! This week is almost gone. So, this week’s The Write Drive is more of an update and some advice.

I’ve been working on completing a submission for the Frightening Floyd’s next anthology, Handbook for the Dead.

Editing your own work is possible when you’re operating on a shoestring budget like me, and here are some of my tips:

Once you complete your first draft, save it and wait a few days before you get back to it. Remember, when you’ve been working on a composition you wrote for an extended period of time, your brain starts to fill in what you intended to write and you don’t see your mistakes.

You can always change the font on an additional copy of your work you’ve saved for review. Since it looks different, it changes the way your brain looks at it.

If your intention is self-publishing, don’t be in a hurry to get it up on that platform. Be patient. Take the time necessary to review it and make corrections and revisions. When I wrote Resonance, I was so excited about my first time travel romance, I published the eBook and print version way before it was ready. Reading it, I found some things in the text that made me say, “OMG, how did I miss that?" (shudder, then revision).

So, my advice. All good reads take time to produce, and allow yourself that opportunity to show your work in the best possible light if editing duties fall on you.

Happy Writing!

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