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Happy 243rd Birthday and Many More!

You don’t look your age at all, and are just a youngster as far as most of the rest of the world is concerned. You’ve come a long way. Patriots 243 years ago sacrificed their lives, and patriots, now, give their lives for you.

July 4, 1776—Independence Day for the United States of America. The day she proclaimed she was free and going to take care of herself. She had to rebel. It wasn’t easy, but she succeeded.

Eventually people from all over came to her to live the American Dream. Is life in America all sunshine and lollipops? Far from it.

Some of us live in a land of multi-million dollar houses, and some of us scrape by to draw a breath the next day. Some live the life of luxury, and others live the life of barely surviving.

Here you will find people who love to talk the talk, but it’s all just talk, and here you will find people who will give you the shirt off their backs if they think it will help you. Here you will find hate of those different, and here you will find inclusion.

America ripped herself apart some 150 years ago and fought to become one again, but she paid a grave price to do it. She’s being ripped apart now, but her sons and daughters will mend her again.

The majority of people, in the United States of America, are children of immigrants. Our ancestors were born in other countries. Why have we forgotten that? Many of our ancestors had to face discrimination to make a home here, but they persevered, and here we are. America should not be us versus them; America should be us welcoming them.

There are still many lessons for the USA to learn. She is so young. Here’s hoping she’ll be able to improve life for her children and her adopted children with every birthday she celebrates.

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Happy Fourth of July and Happy Writing!

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