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It's a Process

Welcome to my new blog!

When I write, I find I initially use certain adjectives and nouns quite frequently. Repetitiveness is okay when you’re trying to get your ideas out and recorded, but for the finished product it’s not.

If an author uses the same words for an action or a description multiple times, it takes my attention away from their story. So, I consciously make an effort to vary my words.

Sometimes, I’ll sit and stare at the monitor for a few minutes wondering how I can say something using different vocabulary. I also head for a thesaurus for synonyms. I found an online thesaurus at

There are so many good references writers have at their fingertips these days. Here’s more of my go-to sites that are opened on my PC when I write:,,,, If these don’t help me, I search for more.

Remember to keep your antivirus software current on your PC before you go on your Internet, resource safaris. Being the paranoid person I am having worked in IT for a decade, I manually update. It’s the first thing I do after the PC is booted up. I scan frequently with Malware Bytes I use the free version and also update its database before I scan.

Happy writing :->

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