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The Reunion Tour Reunion

Here, finally, is a short transcript of the interview of Resonance and Helios after their reunion tour. Enjoy.

Host: This is an extra special day here in the studio. Joining me are Max Schiller and his lovely wife Bea from Resonance and from Helios, David Foster and his lovely wife Cathy. I’m so glad to have you all here. It seems like forever ago that we spoke. I thought you forgot about coming back.

Max: No, not at all. We actually didn’t get on the road until the beginning of last December. It took a while for all those logistics. Getting people and equipment to the shows takes a ton of planning and scheduling. We were touring for the better part of three months. It definitely reminded us we’re not as young as we used to be.

David: Max is speaking for himself, of course. Helios was ready to stay out another three months.

Cathy: Oh really, Davy? That’s not what I was hearing from you and the guys after the first five shows or so.

Everyone’s laughing

Bea: It was a bit daunting, but we pretty much got back into the swing of things once we got rolling.

Max: After the tour, we all took some time to just take it easy. Yeah, touring can get to the point where you’re not quite sure what city or, even, state you’re in.

David: Like when we were in Cleveland and you were yelling it was great to be back in Pittsburgh?

Another round of laughter

Max: Well, it is just the next state over. The crowd reminded me pretty quick. I think they forgave me.

David: They took your advanced age into consideration.

Max: Thanks—a lot. He’s laughing

David: Anytime, Max.

Host: Well, it sounds like you all enjoyed the tour for the most part.

Bea: Absolutely. The fans were wonderful. All the shows were sold out.

Host: You mentioned last time that the families would be along for part of the tour. How did that go?

Cathy: Great. We rented a couple of buses to carry everyone. When we had a day or two off now and again, we all went sightseeing together. It was a big adventure for the grandkids. They loved living and sleeping in the buses.

Bea: It was wonderful having them all with us. Lots of fun. It was sad when they had to leave for home. But, all of us got together again after the tour for a couple of weeks.

Host: Did they come to all the shows?

Cathy: They were at the first few, and then, later on, our kids took the grandkids exploring at each stop. Full days out and about were tiring for the younger ones.

Bea: We all had lunch or dinner together every day, and even some show days we managed to go along with them.

Host: If there’s ever another tour, would you take them with you again?

Cathy: It would be fun to do it again. Having your family with you creates a whole different vibe.

Bea: I think so too.

Host: Any funny stories from the tour?

Max: Well, we alternated opening the shows and the first night Resonance was opening, we had no sound.

David: Hey, I came out on stage and apologized for pulling out the wrong plug. He snickers

Everyone’s laughing

David: Plus, you got us good too when you had the sound guy send polka music through the system just as we started to play.

Max: Good times. We didn’t pull pranks on each other every night.

Host: I hear there’s going to be a live album from the tour. Is that right?

David: You heard right. It’s mixed and just about ready to be released.

Max: It’ll be available on vinyl, as a limited edition, as well as streaming, CD, and digital download.

David: However you like your music, we’ve got you covered.

Host: Wow, the time is really flying. Max and Bea Schiller from Resonance and David and Cathy Foster of Helios, thank you for being so generous with your time. One quick question. Will there be another tour together?

Max: You never say never in music.

They all agree


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