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Some Resources

I’m still working hard on editing my book Resonance so my beta readers don’t want to rip out their hair and eyes when they read it :->

It’s amazing how fast the time goes. So, before I run out of another week, here are some resources I’ve run across that may be helpful to you.

I always have difficulty naming my characters.

The Internet Surname Database--

Character Name Generator--

Random Name Generator--

Here's some links to use for historical research and portraying your period characters’ diets.

The Historical Marker Database--

David Rumsey Map Collection--

The Historic American Cookbook Project- Feeding America--

There are many more sources of information out there on the wonderful Internet. These days, we writers are so lucky with so many things at our fingertips. You don’t have to drag yourself to the library to get information like we used to have to do. But, I still get a thrill when I walk into a library and see all those beautiful books.

Well, it’s back to editing with me.

Happy Writing :->

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