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The Blog Is Back and More

Finally, Resonance is out to the beta readers and I can get back to some semblance of a schedule. I’ve got to say, though, it’s like sending your child out to their first day of school. You worry if they’re ready. You worry because you can’t protect them like you used to be able to do. But, just like children, you have to partner with other, caring people who will help you open new horizons and have your book's best interest at heart.

In the many weeks it took to go through Resonance four or five times, I found some interesting items. The diversity of information available on dictionary sites is amazing. It’s not only definitions, but also thesauruses; interesting articles; quizzes; and games. Here’s some of the fun and informative things I found. I’ll share more at a later date.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

“Time Traveler” (First known use of words in print in a particular year)

“Vocabulary Thrives in Darkness (Words borne from the dying of the light)”

Oxford Dictionaries

“13 Foreign Words That Sound Rude in English”

“20 Wonderful Words for Wafflers”

The Internet Surname Database

Fun Translations (you can write your book in Swedish Chef and more)

Heppy Vriting :->

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