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Part 2 of the Podcast Transcript of Bea and Max’s Interview:

Resonance’s upcoming tour and more.

Host: That’s exciting—playing in front of an audience again.

Bea: It is. The very first tour Resonance did, they opened for Helios. We’ve always remained close to them. We thought it would be fun to have a reunion tour, and they loved the idea. So, the tour buses are going to come out of mothballs soon.

Host: You’re also doing something interesting about ticket prices for your fans too, aren’t you?

Max: Yes, I’ve hated that prices for concert tickets have become astronomical. It’s true that costs of going on the road are pretty high now too, but I discussed my concerns with everyone, and both bands decided to do something about it, and the concert locations are partnering with us. So, on our and Helios’s websites, there will be a link to a limited number of tickets at 1970’s prices for each venue. In fact, all the tickets will have to be bought going through the bands’ sites. We’re also going to do our best to prevent the bulk buying of tickets and stop them from being sold at hellacious prices. We’ve hired some very talented cybersecurity professionals to shore up our sites and be on top of the sale process. That was a big issue for the 2018 induction ceremony at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We know quite a few people who were online at the moment the tickets were for sale only to see the event was sold out. On second party ticket sites, ninety dollar tickets were being sold for incredibly outrageous prices. We'll be able to track our sales. If we find tickets for our tour at ridiculous prices, I want to void those and make the seats available again. If we can do it legally, that's exactly what's going to happen.

Host: You seem really dedicated to your fans not being ripped off.

Max: You bet we are. We really hate seeing people, particularly our fans, being taken advantage of so amoral people can cash in.

Host: It sure seems to be a daunting task, Max.

Max: It is huge, but we’ll be putting our best efforts into it.

Bea: We’re also going to hold a contest that’s starting soon on both band sites to enter drawings for some meet and greets at a few venues. It won’t cost anything to enter, and winners, plus a guest, will also have seats to see the concerts.

Host: Wow. When will these links and the contest start on the websites?

Max: Probably in two or three weeks, you’ll see them.

Host: You’re really doing a lot for the fans.

Max: We wouldn’t be where we are without them. I think it’s only right we show them our appreciation. They’ve stuck with us all these years.

Host: Can you tell our listeners where the bands are going to play?

Max: Resonance and Helios are actually going to play the same venues we did on our first tour. The locations are up and down and near the east coast.

Bea: Our itinerary and the meet and greet locations will be posted before the contest and ticket sales start.

Host: Bea, it sounds like you’re going on the tour with Max.

Bea: Yes, just like the first time. Actually, I’ve always gone with the guys. The tour dates were always arranged around big family events. We were fortunate to be able to do that.

Host: Aside from the tour, does Resonance have a new album in the works or being planned?

Max: I’ve never really stopped writing new material. We’re kicking the idea around. Maybe even something together with Helios. We’ll see. But, right now, we’re all busy gearing up for the tour. It’s not as easy as just packing up the buses and trucks and getting rolling. There are lots of details behind the scenes. We’re very lucky to have excellent management to tackle the job. Max smiles. Plus, we’ve got rehearsals, so we don’t sound as rusty as we look. He laughs.

Host: Will you be playing some of the new songs this time?

Max: That’s not out of the question. We haven’t played on the road in a number of years, though. I think the fans might want to hear the hits. The guys and I are finalizing the set for the shows. We’ll see what happens.

Bea: Oh, we almost forgot to mention, Max.

Max: That’s right.

Host: More details about the tour or something else?

Bea: It has to do with the tour. Since it’s a reunion, there will be souvenir shirts available. A great photo of the guys in Resonance and Helios is featured on the front with the tour dates and locations on the back. Everyone can get them from the bands’ websites, and of course, at the concerts. We’ll have a booklet available too.

Max: Bea designed the shirts and the layout of the booklet.

Host: Really?

Bea: Yeah. Max didn’t have to mention that. She looks at Max with a “why did you share that” expression on her face.

Max: Of course, I did.

Host: Bea, have you always had an interest in graphic arts?

Bea: Yes. I’m not too good in drawing something I see. There’s a disconnect between my hand and my eyes. What I start drawing may or may not resemble what I intended. She laughs. Today’s technology opens new ways to be creative.

Host: That’s a perfect lead into what I want to talk about now.


Next week, a peek into life at home with Max and Bea.

Happy Writing!

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