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Tempus Fugit—Time Flies

My goodness! It’s already Friday evening. Most of the week vanished in the blink of an eye.

My computer must be a time machine when I work on poetry and stories. I sit down at it usually before 9 a.m. Before I know it, on days I don’t have any other commitments, evening arrives. Hours, minutes, and seconds swirl around and then swoosh right by me.

The hour and minute thing is a human construct, but even in the old, old days people abided by sunrise and sunset. The Earth twirled on her axis then too.

Do you ever wish time didn’t exist? Wouldn’t it be nice to live in a world with the freedom to enjoy art, crafts, music, and things you love with no constraints or worries of being on a schedule? You may be thinking that would be chaos. I’m having some trouble envisioning daily life with the lack of schedules too.

What the heck. In the perfect scenario, we’ve got the suspension dimension. If you’re running short in conventional time to accomplish what you want, step into the suspension dimension. There is nothing except you and your task. You can happily do your thing, and no one misses you. You don’t miss anything that’s happening outside of this happy place either.

Time, they say, is the fourth D in our 3-D existence. My inner Nerd just said, “Look that up.” I found this interview of theoretical physicist, Michio Kaku on YouTube. Fascinating (as Mr. Spock would say).

Happy Writing!

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