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Nightmares End Eventually

My heart goes out to those suffering in this coronavirus pandemic and those who have lost loved ones.

My husband and I had gotten very sick over the last two weeks. We went to our doctor and were triaged outside the office building. At the time, only I had a fever.

We were treated at a pavilion staffed by two doctors and four nurses. They tested us for influenza. The results were negative. But, that was where the testing stopped. My doctor’s practice of multiple physicians at six locations only had 200 coronavirus tests available. Since we were apparently not at Death’s door, they couldn’t use two of those precious tests on us. The physician who saw us said it was possible we were suffering from the coronavirus. We were sent home to treat the symptoms. As the days went by after seeing the doctor, we both became more unwell.

When I watched the news lying on the couch hacking up my lungs, feeling feverish and miserable, and seeing a certain someone who resides in Washington, D.C. saying there were plenty of tests for the coronavirus and everyone in the country could be tested for it, I knew this was blatantly untrue. My husband and I could not get tested. The only way we’ll be able to confirm now that we were infected is if we can get tested for antibodies.

Thankfully, we recovered. So many have not and so many are battling for their lives.

Listen to experts like Dr. Fauci. Stay physically apart and wear face coverings as the Centers for Disease Control is recommending when you have to go out in public. Don’t go out unnecessarily. One of the dangerous aspects of this malady is you can infect someone with it even if you feel wonderful and aren’t showing any symptoms.

I’m giving all my profits from Pinch of Whimsy Touch of Darkness: Stories and Poems to Feed More until at least June 10th. Even more people in our communities are having trouble feeding their families because of lost income.

If my book isn’t your cup of tea, please donate directly to worthy causes in overdrive because of increased need.

Let’s care for and protect each other.

A huge Thank You to all our health care providers putting their lives on the line to save ours. We'd be lost without you.

Use common sense, stay healthy, and Happy Writing.

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