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The fact is a good many, if not all of us, are feeling anxious and fearful. We’re trying to survive in a time when brief physical contact with someone who seems perfectly healthy can cause us to become sick. A majority of us can weather COVID-19 and come out on the other side recovered. Some of us have no symptoms, others endure varying degrees of illness, and unfortunately, there are those of us who lose their lives. Add on to that the worry of paying your rent or mortgage, bills, and just feeding your family when income is lost.

I did some research for positive self-care that we can do to keep us in a healthy state of mind. I found “10 Tips for Handling Distress During a Pandemic,” a blog on the website of Psychology Today written by Kyle D. Killian, Ph.D., LMFT. He’s a couple and family therapist.

Here are some highlights:

Keep up a routine. Structure is important.

Enjoy music. Play an instrument or listen to some favorite tunes. If you feel like dancing, do it.

Prepare healthy foods. Keep your immune system up to snuff.

Most importantly, listen to FACTS about the pandemic. Pay attention to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and medical experts as opposed to those with no medical training.

Don’t watch too much media coverage. The news is unrelenting. Being constantly bombarded by the tragedy of lost lives and the stupidity of some people’s actions because they haven't learned the science behind protecting themselves and others from this disease or believe the pandemic is a hoax, is harmful.

Don’t self-medicate with alcohol, drugs, or food.

I asked my fellow Virginia authors to join me in helping our communities. I’m donating all my profits from Pinch of Whimsy Touch of Darkness: Stories and Poems to Feed More the central Virginia food bank until at least June 10, the current order from our governor to stay at home.

Don’t forget to get some exercise. If you can do it, a walk outside on a beautiful, sunny spring day should lift your spirits. It works for me. If it's likely you'll encounter others, be sure you maintain social distancing, at least six feet apart, and cover your face. Read this article on the CDC website for more information on cloth face coverings.

A big THANK YOU to all the medical professionals and first responders putting their lives on the line to save ours. We’re in this together.

Stay healthy and Happy Writing.

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