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Pandemic Mysteries

WHY has a person close to the President said the national stockpile isn’t for the states that make up the United States of America? WHY are our states made to compete with each other to buy personal protective equipment? WHY isn’t there sufficient testing for COVID-19 disease yet? WHY are people showing up at state capitols, and with guns at one capitol, to protest the protective measures against the virus (that’s taken over 60,000 lives in our country) while they crowd together with many not wearing masks? A hallmark of COVID-19 is the ability to be spread by infected individuals not feeling sick. They’re asymptomatic. WHY are so many in this country not able to pay their bills or even feed their families adequately during this when the United States has resident millionaires and billionaires (members of our governmental bodies included)? WHY can’t people with the monetary means step in and set up independent connections to at least food banks and pantries (some are running out of supplies) around this nation, so food doesn’t get plowed under and wasted because of broken supply lines? WHY do some still believe all of this is a hoax? WHY isn't our superpower country prepared for this pandemic? The WHYs go on ad infinitum.

Most cases of this illness don’t need hospitalizations, but you don’t know until you’re sick whether you’ll need more intensive medical care. It’s so important to protect yourself and others.

The world hasn’t dealt with an illness of this magnitude since 1918. A history of that time is on the Centers for Disease Control website. I was surprised to learn that this flu virus was a strain of H1N1 with avian (bird) genetics.

Let’s hope that the states currently opening up with more lenient restrictions don’t experience an explosion of cases caused by the new coronavirus. We don’t have a medicine proven beyond a doubt to lessen the severity of the illness or a vaccine against it.

Remember to be safe, use common sense, and stay healthy.

Happy Writing.

Image by Anand Kumar from Pixabay

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