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It’s a Big U-Turn

Cases of COVID-19 are swiftly rising in the United States. Deaths of friends and loved ones are over 226,000.

I understand we are so tired of this relentless threat. We still have to protect each other as much as we can. Wear masks in public and social distance. This virus is alive (literally a living biological entity) and isn’t going away on its own. It’s out there and taking every opportunity to infect hosts where it can reproduce. The hosts are us.

It worries me more and more when I see huge crowds crammed together and not wearing masks. It panics me when the person talking to them says on November 4th they won’t have to hear so much about COVID anymore, and the people cheer. The virus is cheering right along with them. Playing down the danger isn’t going to discourage it. Coronavirus doesn’t give a rat’s patooty about what we say.

Science tells us a mask, while not a guarantee of staying well, dramatically cuts down the spread of this disease. The simple act of wearing a mask, a face covering, is a sign of intelligence. It’s not a political matter. It’s not a flag of weakness.

There’s a trend of not taking this crisis as seriously as we once did. Look at these polls.

With the major holidays approaching, it’s going to be especially difficult. Many of us spend those days with our whole families and friends. The holidays may be the only time all of us can get together. We can not do that this year, at least not in person. No one wants to believe the people we hold most dear can make us sick, but it’s more of a likelihood if they’re not following the same preventative measures we do.

The primary fight to suppress COVID-19 has been dumped directly into our hands by the current U.S. president. Some state and local governments are in the battle with us, some it seems, are not. It’s up to the people—US— to actively slow the spread, and we know how—wear a mask covering your mouth and nose and social distance.

Election Day in the USA is one week away. Vote early. Vote your conscience. Vote for who you believe in your heart will be the best President of the United States for every American.

Happy Writing and Happy Halloween!

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