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What to Write... (finger tapping on desk) What to Write...

So, you're in the mood to write. You sit down at your PC hands poised over the keyboard (or pen hovering over paper) waiting for the inspiration to materialize-- hmmm. I'm sure some people have a story or an idea pop right into their minds. There are so many prolific authors. But, for a number of us, finding that spark of an idea for a book, short story, or poem is like placing a stethoscope on a vault and listening for those tumblers to click into place.

I've mulled over the process for a long time. I also had a recent discussion with a cousin about finding sources of inspiration. Here's some places to look.

  • Life experience: If you think about what you've gone through in the years you've been on terra firma, you'll probably find some good material. Zero in on a life episode and embellish or tell it like it is.

  • Hopes and desires: What do you want out of life? Weave a story, etc., about attaining it or what happens when you don't even get close.

  • Interests and hobbies: You're not the only person who likes the things you do.

  • Your dreams: Your subconscious mind is a veritable playground of odds and ends.

Take some time everyday to record what you're experiencing in a journal. Carry it around with you to note "aha" moments. You don't have to have a physical book. Most cell phones are powerful, little computers with apps capable of being your electronic journal.

It's a good idea to record your dreams pretty soon after you have them because your brain moves on quickly to daily, day to day issues. You don't want those ideas to become cobwebs you can't reach with your duster.

Happy writing :->

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