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A Writing Dilemma

Aside from punctuation in the wonderful world of grammar, there is correct word usage. Consider to, too, and two.

Everyone is familiar with usage like I’m going to the store. But, if you mean I also want to go to the store, you need to add a second “O” to the word. I want to go to the store too. If you can substitute "so" or "also" in your sentence for the word to, write it as too. The written form of the number 2 is two.

Don’t you love the English language? There are many more issues similar to the dilemma of to, too, or two.

So, keep your dictionaries and reference books handy (whether you access them online or go “old school” using the physical books). Take care to strive for correctness in your writing. Don’t guess if you’re unsure. You will come across as being the educated person you are and give your editors fewer migraines.

Happy writing :->

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