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My First Teacher—Mom

My mother was a big proponent of education. When I was a child, Mom taught me my ABCs and had me reading before I entered primary school. If she could, she would buy me whatever book I wanted.

Mom used to play a phonics game with me too. She would say a word and I had to tell her what letter started it. She made learning fun and I came to love reading because of her effort.

Most adults, when I was a little kid, wrote in cursive. I was fascinated by it because I wanted to write like the grown-ups too. I would scribble on a piece of paper, show my mom, and she would circle and identify the letters I wrote correctly. It was a thrill when I reproduced an actual cursive letter before I learned it in school.

She was an incredible woman even attending college after retiring. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her positive influence. Thank you, Mom.

Passing on my mom’s educational wishes for me to you, here’s a link to Starfall. It’s a website geared to educate young children in phonics, reading, and more. The site is fun to peruse even if you’re an adult and please let your friends with kids know about it.

Happy writing :->

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