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It's About Life Together

Part 3 of the Podcast Interview Transcript: Max and Bea at home.

Host: So, we got a look at performing and the music. Let’s take a closer look at the people. Who are Max and Bea?

They laugh.

Bea: Who are we? We’re just people.

Host: Will you tell us something about those people?

Max: Sure, but it’s not earth-shattering.

Host: What’s a typical day like at your house?

Bea: It usually starts with Max cooking a delicious breakfast. He still can cook circles around me, even though he’s taught me quite a few culinary things.

Host: That’s right, Max! You are quite the chef aren’t you? You just got a cookbook published.

Max: Yes, I’m really excited about it. But, I couldn’t have done it without Bea, plus a lot of other talented people. I’ve been cooking since I was about nine. My mom taught me the basics, and I developed a passion for looking up and trying new recipes.

Bea: After awhile, Max cooked most of the holiday feasts for his family.

Max: Smiling. I wasn’t very tall as a kid. Step stools were my number one cooking accessories.

Host: What’s the book called?

Max: Edible Music.

Host: That’s an interesting title. What made you go with that?

Max: It kind of sums me up. I’ve always had a fascination for music, and I love to cook. Cooking is like music. Many elements come together to create something remarkable.

Bea: Max hasn’t told you the best part yet. He’s giving 100 per cent of the sale proceeds to our local food bank.

Max: It just seems logical to me that a cookbook should benefit people in need. It makes no sense that in the United States, a lot of people, especially children, don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

Host: Donating all the proceeds from the book is really something.

Max: It’s the right thing to do. That’s all.

Host: What’s on the agenda after breakfast?

Bea: Regular house stuff.

Host: Like what?

Bea: She shrugs. Tidying up, a little cleaning... Depending on the season, some yard work.

Host: Ahh... Who cuts the grass?

Max: Generally, I do. But, Bea’s been known to run that lawn tractor around too.

Bea: We both get outside and do the yard work together most of the time. It’s getting harder though. We may need to look into getting a little help. We used to love doing it, but now that we’re older, it doesn’t seem to be as much fun. She laughs.

Host: You’re boating enthusiasts too, right?

Max: Yes. My family always had a boat. My dad would take us cruising just about every weekend if the weather was good.

Bea: We like to get the kids and the grandkid out on the boat every so often for a day on the lake. Max, our son, and son-in-law are the sportsmen of the family. They love to fish. Luckily, they take care of the cleaning and cooking. I can’t do it. Laughing. If there is an apocalypse, and we all have to hunt or whatever, I have plans for vegetarianism. Our daughter takes after me in that department.

Max: The important thing is to not waste any of the animals. If you’re hunting or fishing, you better be feeding people. I’d never trophy hunt. That’s just inexcusable.

Bea: We also like to have our grandkid staying with us for at least two weeks in the summer. He’s still young enough to have that wide-eyed wonder when he experiences new things. He keeps us on our toes, but we love it.

Host: How old is he?

Max: The little man is four. He’ll be five this September. Our daughter just let us know we’ll be having two guests in the summer before long.

Host: That’s wonderful. Congratulations.

Bea: Thank you. Grandpa and I are very thrilled about it.

Max: The more the merrier as far as Bea and I are concerned. But, of course, that’s up to their parents. Neither of us have brothers or sisters. It’s great to be surrounded by our family when we’re all together. They’re all coming with us on tour for at least a week or so. David and Cathy Foster are bringing their family then too. Talk about an entourage.

Host: In case some of our listeners are a little young to remember, David is the lead singer for Helios.

Max: Oh, that hurt.

Bea: Ouch!

Host: No, no, I’m just saying both bands have enjoyed long careers so far.

Bea: Good save! Lots of Laughter.

Host: We’re running out of time. Bea, I wanted to ask you quickly about your writing. You’ve gotten back to it?

Bea: Finally, yes. The Muse has pulled me aside again, but hasn’t nailed me down to one particular genre. I like it that way.

Host: Can we expect to see a book soon?

Bea: It’s a real big possibility sometime after the tour.

Host: Great. Well, sadly that’s it for now. Thank you so much Max and Bea for being here. I hope you’ll come back after the big reunion tour. I know everyone will want to hear about it, and who better to hear it from than you.

Max: Absolutely, this was a lot of fun.

Bea: It was. Thanks.

Max: We might be able to convince David and Cathy to talk with you then too. That’s if you wouldn’t mind.

Host: Are you kidding? Like I’d mind. That would be exceptional.

Bea: Wonderful. I’ll give Cathy a call when we get home. I’m sure she and David would enjoy it.

Host: My engineer says David is on the phone. We’ll patch him in. David Foster, it’s a pleasure!

David: Hey! Cathy's on the line too. Bea and Max, why do you think we’d miss your interview? We’ve been listening.

Max: Laughing. We figured Helios would be too busy relearning to play their instruments.

David: Well, we are and we’re about to leave for your house to teach Resonance what guitars, keyboards, and drums are. David, Max, Bea, and the host are laughing.

Cathy: Hey, you two. Can’t wait to see you.

Bea: We miss you. We can’t wait either.

David: Cathy and I would love to be on the podcast with Max and Bea after the tour. Thanks for thinking of us, Max.

Cathy: Bea, still give us a call when you’re home.

Bea: Okay, we will.

Host: Wow, this is fantastic! Thanks again Max and Bea Schiller from Resonance, and, David and Cathy Foster from Helios. Try to catch the bands in concert and get your copy of Resonance—available in eBook and print. Read the story of Bea and Max and the beginnings of Resonance. Until next time, be good to each other.


Watch for the big interview after the reunion tour.

Happy Writing!

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