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So many of us have wonderful memories of Halloweens past. A bunch of us kids would make the rounds in the neighborhood wearing all kinds of disguises. Costumes—some were homemade; others were store-bought.

Whoever or whatever we pretended to be, neighbors would be suitably impressed after our traditional greeting of, “Trick or Treat!” Then, came the best part—candy. It wasn’t unusual to gather quite a haul.

Parents would sift through the bounty, making sure candy was wrapped from the factory. Back in the “old days” any house was fair game, so popcorn balls and candy apples passed muster only if they were given by trusted friends of the family. That’s a darker side of Halloween we won't dwell upon.

If you had siblings, you might combine your booty. You might sit down and enter negotiations to barter for the choicest yummies or keep your stash all to yourself, sharing if the parents said to because they’d take it away if you didn’t.

Halloween is steeped in rich tradition. It’s been celebrated for thousands of years in various ways. With that in mind, I found this wonderful article about Halloween on Click or tap on Kitty, IF YOU DARE, to discover some facts you may not know about HALLOWEEN

If whispers and melancholy moans in the morrow's hours of darkness wake you, it’s just the wind...........


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