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It’s what’s in for cat parents—accessorizing with cat fur. I have three rescues, and no matter how diligently I think I’ve de-furred, there’s always some hiding on my clothes.

A long-standing joke is cats used to be gods 3,000 or so years ago and they never forgot it. Every day, in the early hours of the morning, they caterwaul for their “faithful” to prepare breakfast. We fall out of bed, sleepwalk to the kitchen, and ask, “Do you want salmon, tuna, turkey, or beef?” Expecting the “glorious ones” to answer, we rummage in the pantry while they wait, looking imperious.

Despite their noble and aloof demeanor, our cat children can be so cute and cuddly. When they’re catching a snooze on our laps, we don’t want to disturb their peaceful slumber by moving and actually apologize to them if we have to shift position or, heaven forbid, get up off the sofa.

Not many cat people can resist our felines snuggling next to us (or on top of us) at bedtime and purring until we drift into dreamland together. Those moments are worth legs cramping, reliable wake-up alarms, and cleaning out the litter pan(s).

Not being pack animals like our dogs, cats don’t normally come when you call them. One of mine does, and I keep asking him if he’s actually a dog in a cat suit. He always takes the Fifth on that one. Shaking the treat bag usually accomplishes the “come here” request, and I can delude myself that the treats had nothing to do with the prompt presence of the felis catus crew.

Getting the furry ones into their pet carriers for, horrors, a trip to the vet is most often a task worth being included in “The Twelve Labors of Hercules.” They won’t go quietly into that good carrier despite the fluffy towel padding the bottom and the allure of the treats placed neatly inside.

When I saw this episode of Simon’s Cat, I had to replay it, and not just once. I just laughed the whole time and still do. It’s called “Box Clever.”

Simon Tofield is a British illustrator who loves his feline companions and gives us an entertaining, inside look at the adventures of the domestic cat. His website link is Enjoy.

As long as you understand the care and responsibilities that come with any pet, sharing your home with one adds something special to your life.

Happy Writing!

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