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Oh, what fun being a child and able to go out and play in that fluffy, white stuff. All our concerns were snowmen, snow angels, sledding, snow forts, and the ever reliable snowball altercations.

Yesterday, Richmond, Virginia got the first significant snowfall of the season. Officially, it’s still autumn, but you’d never know it. We got about 13 inches of snow, and most of it is still lingering.

For those of you who grew up in areas where snow made quite a few appearances, do you still get the same thrill as when you were a kid? I definitely do, that is until I remember the world of working rarely takes a snow day. That puts a spin on the snow that we didn’t have to worry about when we were school-age. So, let’s just forget about being adults for now.

In the “good old days,” the first thought that came to my mind was maybe there’s no school. With the confirmation of the snow day, and after the jumping with joy, it was mandatory to put on the boots, coats, and gloves at the earliest convenience. After all, snow was magical. You’d get out there, hoping to catch a few snowflakes on your tongue, anticipating the ice crystals’ landing and melting.

I was always fascinated (and still am), when snowflakes fell in exquisite designs. That was and is extra special. Of course, any form of the feathery things floating down from the sky was acceptable.

Weren’t we snow connoisseurs? We knew the fresh-fallen snow wasn’t at the right consistency for building. The next day, after it was “aged” a bit was usually the prime material. That knowledge didn’t stop us from doing some preliminary testing.

The next treat would be after the storm, and the sun came out. Yes, it was blindingly bright, but our fireball in the sky would uncover millions of tiny diamonds hidden in the snow when the light hit it just right.

The best case scenario for us kids was no school the next day too. It gave us more time to romp in the sparkly fields and add to the families of our snowmen.

Adult life is fraught with responsibilities and worries. Let’s allow ourselves to be kids again from time to time, especially when it snows.

Happy Playing and Happy Writing!

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