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Two of my true ghost stories, "Artfully Rearranged" and "Footsteps and the Mysterious Man," were recently published in Paranormal Encounters, an anthology of tales of the supernatural that were actually experienced by people. I thought I’d talk about what most of us don’t see.

I’ve been a paranormal investigator for over ten years and am totally convinced that we go on after the body stops functioning. While many don’t believe this, the science of physics, more specifically, the law of conservation of energy, points to much more going on around us than what appears on the surface. Conservation of energy states that energy can’t be created or destroyed. It transforms. This link to the United States Energy Information Administration explains the concept really well. Living things are chock-full of energy. Looking at that from a scientific perspective, the energy in everything continues, just in another form.

On investigations, I’ve recorded people speaking who weren’t visible to the naked eye. Some of them got in on the conversations happening at the time.

Once, while exploring the historic Byrd Theatre in Richmond, I was asking the lead investigator about what places we were allowed to enter in the building. He said we could go in areas that weren’t locked. I had left my digital recorder sitting in the balcony unattended. There were some surprises when I listened to the playback. Right after our conversation, was another voice. It was an older man saying, “I’m not locked in here; you’re not locked in here.” He went on to say something like this place is sanctuary. Some of us had gathered in the balcony, and then left to go to different locations. A lady’s voice, at that time, said, “They’re gone.”

I’ve got photos of phenomena I didn’t see when I took the pictures. I was taking random photographs with my infrared camera at Parker's Battery in Chester, Virginia. This is one of them. After some time analyzing it, the person (soldier) doesn’t appear to me to be part of the trees.

Does something happen on every investigation? No, in fact, many times nothing happens. That’s just the way it is. I’m not trying to convince you there’s more to existence than what's tangible. We’ll all find out what happens eventually.

In the mean time, let your imagination loose on what you may or may not believe. It’s always good makings for a story.

Happy Writing!

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